Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

There are reasons epoxy flooring is one of the most popular choices for garages, basements, schools, and commercial applications around the world – not the least of which is its aesthetic appeal. Epoxy is a unique class of materials that is durable, scratch-resistant, and strong. Epoxy is so strong so that high-traffic locations, such as hospitals and grocery stores, depend upon it for years of outstanding performance despite heavy wear and tear. If you’ve ever considered an easy-to-maintain and beautiful flooring option, you should choose epoxy.

Simple Installation Process

Epoxy is a material that seals concrete floors. This makes it a popular choice for areas that don’t necessarily need carpet or hardwood, such as garages and basements. Instead of covering up your concrete floors with layers of insulation, padding, and flooring materials, choose epoxy. Epoxy flooring is fast and easy to install, making for minimized downtime. With the right epoxy flooring installer, the coating process can take less than a day for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Fast installation is ideal for businesses and commercial buildings that can’t afford long periods of downtime.

Maximum Concrete Protection

Epoxy is an incredibly durable material, made with special resins resistant to regular wear and tear, scratches, chips, and even potent chemicals. These nearly indestructible surfaces retain their value and help your concrete floors do the same. Epoxy coating will make your concrete floors last much longer and still look and perform their best years down the road. Epoxy resists all kinds of wear and tear, protecting your flooring investment. In the long run, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by coating your concrete floors with epoxy.

Minimal Maintenance

Due to its resistant nature, epoxy is very easy to clean. Typically, it only takes warm water and soap to restore epoxy floors back to their original sheen. Minimizing the amount of maintenance you have to perform saves you time and money. Epoxy creates a glossy, seamless surface with no nooks and crannies for dirt, dust, and debris to collect. This makes deep and thorough cleaning a breeze. Epoxy surfaces are easy to deep clean using a water and ammonia solution. Depending on the type of wear and tear, you only need to clean epoxy floors every four to six months!

Multiple Color and Design Options

Epoxy can transform drab, boring spaces into beautiful and eye-catching conversation pieces. There are many different epoxy finishes available, including beautiful multi-colored chip finishes with unlimited options. Chips come in multiple sizes and color options so you can select the finish that perfectly complements your space. Solid-color coatings are also popular, for a seamless, high-shine finish. Select from any color of the rainbow to bring new life to a garage or basement. The right epoxy installer can do patterns according to your own unique designs. Epoxy is anything but boring – it comes with a world of exciting options.

Improved Safety

Epoxy floors don’t just look pretty – they work hard to improve the safety and functionality of any room. Epoxy floor coating products create a walking surface that is slip-, impact-, fire- and heat-resistant. This makes your garage or basement much safer for you and your family. The floors look glossy, but epoxy helps reduce dangerous slip and fall accidents with a slip-resistant resin surface. Fire and heat resistance can help preserve your home in the event of a fire. If you own a commercial building, safe floors are an absolute must for the safety of your employees and customers. The high gloss of epoxy also increases brightness in a workspace by 300 percent.

Environmentally Friendly

Your home or business can go green with epoxy floor coatings from the right contractor. Most epoxies have 0 percent volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or organic chemicals that have high vapor pressure at room temperatures. Plus, increasing the brightness of a space by 300 percent helps you cut down on energy costs to light your garage or basement. Finally, the fact that you can use minimal to no chemicals to clean epoxy flooring makes it more conducive to an eco-friendly, chemical-free lifestyle.

A Shine that Endures

Unlike many flooring options and coatings, epoxy will never lose its shine. Dirt, scuffs, and liquids may temporarily cloud epoxy flooring, but with one good cleaning the floors will look just as bright and shiny as they did on the first day after installation. Epoxy is extremely scratch-resistant as well, making for a durable shine that is difficult to mar with unsightly divots. Taking proper care of your epoxy floors and using furniture pads to prevent scratching can make for a brilliant shine that endures for decades.

If you’re interested in having epoxy flooring installed by experienced and knowledgeable Nashville professionals, contact Artistic Polymers for a free estimate today.

Epoxy floors provide a beautiful lasting shine.
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