Five Steps for DIY Nashville Concrete Floor Grinding

Painting or applying an epoxy coating to concrete floors is the perfect way to let them shine in patios, garages, pool decks, and other outdoor living spaces. Before you can apply the coating of your choice, however, you have to grind the concrete. Much as you have to sand a wooden surface to make it take a smooth, even coat of stain or paint, you have to prep a concrete surface for floor coating. The most economical way to grind your concrete floor is to do it yourself – but you need the right tools, equipment, and know-how. Here’s how to tackle hassle-free concrete floor grinding.

Rent a Concrete Prep Tool

Grinding a concrete floor is too tricky and messy to do yourself with anything other than the concrete prep tool from a company such as Diamabrush. You can rent this tool at most home improvement stores and equipment rental companies. This prep tool attaches to the bottom of a standard floor maintainer (also available to rent). It consists of diamond-coated blades attached to a large buffing wheel. It’s the easiest and most effective way to grind and prepare concrete floors, and does not involve any harsh chemicals.

Using the Diamabrush tool is much easier than the traditional cup grinding method of concrete floor prep. The Diamabrush allows you to grind wet concrete floors, greatly reducing the amount of dust in the air. You can also attach a dust shroud with a shop vacuum onto the tool to grind dry concrete without dust or needing to clean up wet floors.

Acquire Other Necessary Tools

The Diamabrush concrete prep tool isn’t all you’ll need to rent or buy to grind your concrete floor. You’ll also need a 4.25-inch angle grinder, 4-inch diamond turbo cup wheel, floor buffer, and (optional) dust shroud with shop vacuum. Find these items at your local home improvement or tool rental store, or head to If you are grinding dry, you may also want the Dust Deputy attachment for your shop vac – this keeps the filters of your vacuum free of ultra-fine concrete dust. Always use safety goggles, earplugs, and a dust mask approved for concrete dust.

Prep the Concrete Floor

First, remove any furniture, clutter, and other items from your garage floor. If you are dry grinding, remember that a cloud of dust will land on everything. Next, sweep up your garage floor and remove any grease or oil spots. If you’re wet grinding, soak the concrete floor with water from a hose. It’s best to work in sections so the concrete doesn’t dry before you get around to grinding it.

Start Grinding Your Concrete Floor

Grind your Nashville concrete floor one section at a time, checking afterward to make sure the surface has a medium-grit sandpaper feel and granular appearance. Use the 4.25-inch grinder to reach the corners and areas of floor the larger grinder cannot reach. Once you finish grinding, clean the floor of dust using a shop vac, water hose, or both. After the floor dries, you’re ready to apply paint or coating!

Need Help? Call the Nashville Concrete Professionals

Grinding a concrete floor for paint or epoxy isn’t the easiest or most straightforward do-it-yourself project. If you need help making your concrete surfaces look stunning, call in Nashville’s trusted professionals – Artistic Polymers. We take care of concrete grinding, sealing, coating, and protecting your garage, patio, driveway, sidewalks and interior flooring with the best materials in the business.

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